Game time allotment (Art. 9.3.3 B)
  • Warm-up period: 2 minutes
  • Two (2) periods of ten (10) minutes stop time
  • One  (1) period of twelve (12) minutes stop time
Time out
Each team shall have one (1) time out of thirty (30) seconds per game.
Goal differential (Art. 9.6.5 B)
For this tournament, and after the completion of the second period, if a goal differential of seven (7) is established, time keeping will become ‘running time’.
Overtime periods (Art. 9.7.1 )
  • No overtime in the games of the preliminary rounds
  • For the semis and the finals, one (1) overtime period of ten (10) minutes with 4 players each.
  • If tie persists, there will be a shoot-out as described in article 9.7.2
Tie breaking (Art. 9.8)
As outlined in the administrative rules of Hockey Québec.
Time and arrival procedure
  • All teams must arrived at the arena at least one (1) hour before the scheduled time of their games.  The players must enter via the main entrance, proceed to the assigned place to deposit their equipment, and go to the seating area of the arena. They will be notified when their assigned room is ready.
  • Only players and team officials are allowed in the player rooms access area.
Protests are not accepted by the Tournament and any decision by the Disciplinary Committee is final and without appeal.
Signature Verification (Art. 9.6.6)
All players must sign le signature verification sheet before each game.
Player Identification
All players must wear the same jersey number for the duration of the tournament. If a change in number is warranted, it must be brought to the attention of the Registrar and approved by him.
Compliance to rules
All players and team personnel must comply with all of the administrative requirements of the Tournament.
Waiver of responsibility
The Touraine Optimist Club Inc. cannot be held responsible for stolen or lost objects, or personal injuries incurred before, during or after the games.
Medical transport
Transportation by medical ambulance is at the expense of the team or the parents of an injured player.
Room vacation
At the end of each game, teams have twenty (20) minutes to change and vacate the room, leaving it in a state of clealiness as it was left to them by the previous team.
Fair Play Rules (Franc-Jeu Art. 8.7)
The Tournament applies the ‘Fair Play Rules’ (Règles du Franc-Jeu).