From 17th to 19th Jan, 2020 for the BB and A classes

From 24th to 26th Jan, 2020 for the B and C classes


All games are played at the Branchaud-Brière Complex at 499 Labrosse Blvd, Gatineau, J8P 4R1, There is a pro-shop with skate sharpening and a sports bar-restaurant onsite.
Registration Fees:
Registration fees are 545 $ per team (3 games guaranteed)


Entrance Fees:
Entry fees are 275 $ per team payable at the same time as your registration fees. No other entry fees will be charged to spectators at the door.



 Registration and Entry fees are payable by cheque or money order made out to: Club Optimiste de Touraine Inc. and mailed to the Registrar at the address below. They can also be paid by Interac money transfer originating from your banking site, and sent by e-mail to the Registrar at:

The Tournament accepts post-dated cheques up to but not later than November 1st, 2019.

No refund will be allowed to a team who cancels after being confirmed.

Registration Procedure:
1- The registration form must be filled out and submitted online via the Tournament website.

2- Upon reception, the Registrar  will advise you within the next 24 hours by e-mail that your request has been received and a place has been reserved for your team in the appropriate class (first come, first served).

3- If there is no available spot in your class, the Registrar wiil inform you immediately and place your request on the waiting list in chronological order.

4- When you receive your reservation notice by e-mail, you then have ten (10) working days to expedite your payment of registration and entry fees to the Registrar.

5- Upon reception of payment, you will receive by e-mail the notification that your reservation is now confirmed, and the counter on the website will be updated accordingly.

6- If your payment is not received in the specified period, the Registrar will notify you, and you may lose your reservation unless suitable arrangements are mutually agreed upon.


The preparation of the schedule is the sole responsibility of the Registrar. It is usually published on the web site around mid-November.
Upon Arrival:
Upon arrival at your first game,  a team representative (usually the team manager), must report to the Registrar’s office to verify team documents. The tournament requires that you prepare a ‘tournament binder’, and the Registrar will inspect your documents and make the required photocopies, and will hold the binder until the end of the tournament, or at the time of your departure. Here is the list of documents you must have with you:
  • Your official team registration form (HCR), the most recent one issued to you by your Association, District, or League.
  • Your Tournament permit for the Québec teams, or your Travel Permit for the Ontario teams.
  • A copy of your league schedule of games.
  • The copies of your 5 most recent games played whether league or tournaments, etc.

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